Sage: An Inexpensive Remedy for Hot Flashes

Nettle: Nutrients for Vitality

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3. Nettle: Nutrients for Vitality

Nettle is a wonderful herb for women – and men – of all ages. It is especially beneficial for women going through menopause because it provides relief from symptoms and promotes future wellness. Dried nettle is frequently consumed as a tincture, tea or capsule. The dried leaves may be added to nutritional smoothies.

Your entire body will benefit from the nettle’s rich supply of vitamins and minerals. Nutrients in the nettle help to strengthen hair, which sometimes thins during menopause. It contains rich supplies of calcium and magnesium that prevent bone loss and promotes a healthy fluid balance, alleviating bloating, water retention, hypertension and cardiovascular illnesses.

The herb also helps to ensure that hormones function optimally. Nettle gently improves energy levels, relieves fatigue, and boosts feelings of well-being and vitality. Nettle is very safe and well-tolerated by most people.

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