Sage: An Inexpensive Remedy for Hot Flashes

Herbs for Menopause

Herbs provide excellent alternatives to pharmaceuticals for making perimenopause and menopause more comfortable. When compared with artificial hormone replacement therapies, herbs are widely considered to be ethically superior and safer than drug therapies. Herbs used for menopause are generally well tolerated and, unlike pharmaceuticals, do not simply relieve hot flashes and discomforts associated with menopause; they can make your entire body healthier, prevent illness and enhance vitality.

Most herbal remedies must be taken consistently for several months before maximum effectiveness is obtained. Like all approaches to ensure a smooth transition through menopause, herbs are best used as part of a comprehensive wellness plan.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective herbs to use during the perimenopausal period.

1. Sage: An Inexpensive Remedy for Hot Flashes

The herb I most commonly recommend for women who ask me about herbs for menopause is sage. The most common frustration of menopausal women is discomfort due to hot flashes, night sweats, excess perspiration and flushing of the skin. Ordinary garden sage provides rapid relief of all of these hot symptoms.

Sage is a readily available, inexpensive and safe herb to use. You may use tinctures or capsules of sage, or if you have an herb garden you may simply nibble on one or two leaves of the fresh plant each day. It can be grown year-round in a pot.

If you don’t mind the flavor of sage, you may choose to make tea. Simply pour 4 tablespoons of fresh sage or 4 teaspoons of dried sage into a quart jar. Fill the jar with one quart of boiling water and place a lid loosely on the jar. After 20 minutes, strain out the herbs. I recommend that one quart of sage tea be consumed throughout the day. Drink it at room temperature or chilled.

You may notice hot flash relief within just or day or two, but usually sage takes two to four weeks to reach maximum effectiveness.

In addition to relieving hot symptoms, sage relieves spasms, and is a gentle relaxant. It has been used for centuries as an aid for memory and concentration.

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